How to Reduce Levels of Oil In Face With Fruit


Have a clean face and not greasy is a dream for someone who wants to appear more confident. Oily it also can lead to blackheads and acne excessive. Oily face can be overcome by using the fruits of therapy. It turns out that the factors affecting the increase in oil on your face is often his food and we play at noon. Therefore, do not go overboard in consuming foods containing oils and fats such as fried foods and others. If you've already oily face, there are some ways to reduce excess oil on the face.

1. Drinking Water  
 Expand to drink water that is 2 liters per day. and indeed we must drink 2 liters per day, uda health levels. Drinking water can prevent the appearance of oily skin and dry skin.

2. Cucumber  
It can be used to lalapn food, it can also reduces future cucumber oil content in our skin. By the way, Take parsed cucumber and cut into ome parts. Apply cucumber and wait up to 20 minutes. After that, wash with clean water.

3. Tomatoes    
This tomato vegetables can also reduce the amount of oil, the same way as cucumbers. Staying cut and apply on the skin that contains oil, wait 20 minutes after the wash with clean water.

4. Salt   
Which in my opinion and uda I try, it was powerful to remove the oil. Use salt water to clean the oil on the face. Take 2 tablespoons salt and mix with clean water (lukewarm) water rubbed salt into oily


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