Easy Ways to Eliminate Underarm Odor Naturally


Armpit is the most widely remove the oil, and therefore the armpit often cause odor. Caring for one body part is very important, because we will be confident if there is no smell in our body. Here I will give you a solution that underarm odor is not too excessive. Here are some ways to eliminate underarm odor naturally:
1. Clean Body / Bath 2x day Cleaning the body is a way to make our body fresh, but not everyone noticed how they memersihkan body. Bathing is one of them, when showers do not forget you rub your armpits approximately 3 times rubbing with soap.
2. Using Alum Rock Rubbing armpit with Alum Rock is also evident in clicking
3. Radish Besides useful for making vegetables, Radish was able to cleanse and eliminate underarm odor. The trick to take a radish, horseradish mashed Destroy or such. Afterwards Apply on armpits.
4 . Oil Astiri Rub oil on the armpit astiri, astiri this is a natural deodorant that you should use if you want to be free from underarm odor


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